What to Expect at Your Initial Evaluation for Lymphedema


What should you expect at your initial evaluation for lymphedema?

Bring with you to your first appointment:

A list of you medications and supplements.
Any compression garments you are currently wearing or have worn in the past.
Any bandages or foam you may have.
You can bring a family member or caretaker, or anyone that will be assisting with you care.

A complete history will be taken to determine what is causing the edema. We will ask you about the symptoms you have noticed, such as swelling, tingling or a heaviness, as well as the frequency, onset and triggers.

During the manual examination, your therapist will palpate or feel for any signs of fibrosis, or scarring of the soft tissue under the skin.

Your therapist will talk to you about your goals. We will take photos and measurements of the affected areas. We check the integrity of your skin, looking for fragility, woulds, skin color, or signs of infection.

Your therapist will determine if a Manual Lymph Drainage treatment is appropriate for you at that time. We will discuss exercise, diet and skin care.

If compression bandaging is determined necessary, we will schedule an appointment in a few days to start the bandaging process.

I want my patients to feel positive and empowered, knowing they are doing everything possible to treat their condition.

If you need an evaluation for your chronic swelling, you can contact Christina M. Mitchell, LMT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, (239) 293-0960. http://bestbodymassage.com